About Roc-Star Ice Cream in Waterville, NY

Roc LangoneThe freshest ingredients make the finest ice creams and foods at Roc-Star Ice Cream Products, Inc. Owner Robert "Roc" Langone also uses the best processes to churn out his premium ice cream and delicious foods.

All of Roc-Star's ice creams start with fresh ice cream mixes that are whipped with less air and quickly frozen at minus 40 degrees to create decadent, premium ice cream. This process creates the best taste and quality as well as a longer shelf life.

Located at 268 Sanger Avenue in Waterville, Roc-Star provides wholesale ice cream and its famous Roc-N-Rollwich ice cream sandwiches year round to area restaurants, schools, events, and fundraisers. Roc-Star's ice cream cakes, which feature vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a cookie crunch middle, can be ordered by contacting Roc-Star.

From late April through September, Roc-Star serves up its premium ice creams and delicious foods, including barbecue pork and beef, burgers, and juicy fried chicken at the restaurant. Patrons can choose to dine inside in the funky rock star themed dining room, at one of many outdoor tables, or get their order to go from inside at the counter or from the outside take-out window.

Langone operated Roc-Star Dairy for 25 years before getting into the ice cream business. He first opened his ice cream business in 2001, incorporating under the Roc-Star name in 2007. Langone attended an ice cream production training program at Penn State University and also received training from equipment manufacturers Carpigiani and PreGel to help ensure he makes the best ice cream possible.

Roc-Star Ice Cream — where everyone feels like a star!